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Tucked under the Neo Lofts in the historic Miami River hood just west of I-95, and helmed by chef Felipe from old-school Miami landmark Casa Juancho, Pata Negra (former Jamon Jamon Jamon Restaurant) rocks an evolving menu of regional Spanish faves bolstered by hard-to-get hog, and feels like a shadowy basement spot in Barcelona thanks to stuff like an 8-ft paella pan they stir with a boat oar hanging on the wall, which technically makes your whole table the cox. Tapas include raw anchovies cured in vinegar w/ garlic & parsley, grilled shrimp done Spanish-style with the shell and head on, and three varieties of hand-carved jamon: coveted/limited export Serrano, rare Pata Negra (deliciously fattened on acorns), and Campofrio Serrano, which attains a sweet flavor after being dry-cured for 15 months, unlike the sour, but eventually grateful flavor that comes with being House, M.D.-cured. Entrees include grouper or snapper fillet from the commercial market across the street (grilled or baked, with a green sauce of parsley, white wine, olive oil & cream); garlic-sauteed langostinos with plump pearl rice; paella with veal, pork, chicken, lobster, shrimp, Med mussels & monkfish; and the house specialty, a 12-lb suckling pig (whole or portioned) that's roasted with pork belly on the skin to make it crispy after being fed only milk, which does a body good, unless you're a baby pig destined to be made crispy.

For the drinkin', there's an Iberian wine list with stuff like Cava Codorniu (a Spanish sparkling white) and Mas Codina Cab (a single-vineyard maker
producing only 6,000 bottles a year), suds like Michelob Amber Bock on tap, and bottles of Spanish Estrella Damm -- the same thing Archimedes said when he realized pi wasn't just for breakfast anymore.



Tuesday - Thursday

12pm - 10pm

Friday and Saturday

12pm - 11pm


12pm - 9pm

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El menu de rechupete funciona  :De Martes a Viernes  de 12pm – 4pm
  • Pescaditos escabechados con aceituna y albahaca(Marinated fish with olives and basil) 
  • Ensalada de lechuga tierna y polvode citricos(Lettuce with citrus powder) 
  • Coctel de aguacate y cangrejo con salsa rosa(Avocado and crab cocktail) 
  • Crema de cebolla con crujiente de jamon(Onion cream with crispy ham) 


  • Churrasco de res a la parrilla sobre fondue de tres quesos(Sker steak au grill  over three cheese fondue) 
  • Cochinillo asado en su jugo al Jerez(Roasted pig at Jerez) 
  • Jamoncitos de pollo empepitoria(Chicken drumsticks empepitoroia) 
  • Arroz con pescado y mariscos al inojo(Rice with fish , seafood and inojo)  
  • Frituras de pescados mixtos sobre salsa rosa(Fried mixed fish with pink sauce) 


  •  Tarta de hojaldre rellena de bizcocho borracho(Pastry tart filled with drunk cake)
  •  Mouse de frutas(Fruit mousse)